Ambassadors to the Cause

Malcom Deluca

Malcolm DeLuca is a native New Yorker and a sophomore in high school. He has always had a love for sports, especially soccer. Malcolm would love to be a professional player someday as well as a sports writer.

I am very proud to be an ambassador for fulbolequity. Sports have always been very important in my family. I have always been taught that sports are for everyone, no matter your color, financial situation or gender identification. The principals of sports can be used to help you build a successful and healthy life. There are so many unnecessary barriers that stop people around the world from having access to sports and I think by educating each other and learning what we can do to help, our generation can make some positive change!

Aniyah Bernard-Speller

Aniyah is a native New Yorker, senior at BSGE and soccer player turned dancer.

Hi, my name is Aniyah Bernard-Speller and I was one of very few girls on a predominantly male team for 4 years. I am glad to see awareness being brought to gender inequality in sports but there is much more work to do!

Sheikh Rahad

Sheikh is a Native New Yorker, senior at BSGE and an avid basketball player.

As a South Asian high school athlete, there have been countless times where I have felt that I was not any competition. Over the course of my high school career I have gained more confidence. This confidence stimulated from the support of my teammates and practice.

Manuela Monsalve

Manuela is a Native New Yorker, senior at BSGE and soccer fan via her Columbian family.

My name is Manuela Monsalve and I am a rising senior at Baccalaureate School for Education and I support Caelan Thakur’s message.

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