My Story

My name is Caelan Thakur (17) and I am the creator of this Futbol Equity journalistic blog site. I am a rising high school senior, a lifelong soccer player, swimmer, boxer and an ardent fan of “le futbol”. Born in Luxembourg and raised in New York City, I was introduced to soccer at a very young age through my global family’s obsession with Premier League Football, Euro Cup Championships, and World Cups. Although my father is a Liverpool nut and my mother has a fondness for Thierry Henry, I am personally partial to Man United and Messi.

My best position is centerback and my best stroke is breaststroke, however, I am more than the sum of my sports skills. Exercise is my path to personal well-being, both physical and mental. Team collaboration, leadership, perseverance, anxiety management and immune system strengthening are as much a part of athletic pursuits as the ability to kick a ball into a net.

And more broadly, sports bridges diversity, across gender, race, culture, age and socio-economic status. Although my initial goal of this project was to focus on gender inequity, I soon realized just how many other inequities exist and how inter-linked everything in our world is. My best friends and teammates have always been girls and boys from all backgrounds, races and religions. Our experiences are shared and yet different. Inequity takes advantage of those differences. It is my job to be an advocate and recruit other young people alongside me to make the future even better.

Want to Help?

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